Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beginning of the Year Class Books

I love making class books with my students! I especially love making them at the beginning of the year! It helps students get to know one another and provides us with a few quick activities for the beginning of the year. When the books are finished, they go in the reading center for students to read throughout the year. Here are some examples of finished products!

For this book, read Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Then, place students in a circle and have them fill out the page for the person sitting to the right of them!

Another fun class book!

If you need beginning of the year book page templates and more activities, check out First Day of School Activities!

If you need more beginning of the year materials, check out my Beginning of the Year Bundle!


  1. Such a cute idea :) I bet your kiddos love this! Brainstorming ways to make it work in an upper elementary class!!

    1. Thank you!! I wonder if your upper grade kids could do an acrostic poem about themselves?? That might make it something fun to read but a little harder! Let me know what you come up with!!