Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Class Friend!

Meet Spike!

When I taught first grade, Spike was our class friend! I put Spike, a composition notebook, and a disposable camera in a small bookbag and students took turns taking him home for the weekend. They wrote about what they did and were allowed to take up to 5 pictures of Spike's adventure. 

Don't mind the date here! I hang on to things a little too long!! In my defense, this activity has always been a favorite of mine throughout all my years of teaching! :) 


My class even decided to get the teachers involved! Each Monday, they would vote on which teacher they wanted to take Spike home. Teachers got Spike during the week since students had him on the weekend!

Spike was such a fun class friend. The students couldn't wait to see what Spike did while he was away! It was also a great opportunity to get a little bit of writing in!