Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Character Trait Awards

This week I have been teaching whole group lessons in 2nd grade classrooms. We have been learning all about character traits! While the focus has been on determining the character traits of characters in our stories, I decided today to have students do character trait awards for each other. Seeing the smiles and proud faces as students were presenting and receiving the awards made me realize we need to take time to do things like this more often! Now, onto a few of my favorite certificates...

One of the quietest, sweetest 2nd graders wrote this one! It caught me off guard and made me laugh!

After this award was presented, I asked for the backstory- evidently, the whole class was going to be in trouble because someone would not admit their wrongdoing. Well, this sweet boy said it was him even though it wasn't! He saved the whole class from getting in trouble!

Love the "in my knowledge" part!

Honesty is the best policy!

The rest of the awards just show how thoughtful the students were! 

I will definitely make it a point to do activities like this throughout the year! What a great, positive class activity!

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