Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let's Self Assess!

Do you use self assessments in your classroom?

I started using this when I taught 2nd grade:

Students wrote on their papers (mostly tests but sometimes seatwork) how they felt about the topic. You can see below that the student put a ? mark in the top right corner on the pretest. 

This is the same student's post test score and you can see the smiley face right above the 100%.

It was always interesting to see how the students' scores matched up to their self assessments. This student's self assessments correlated directly with the score they received on the tests. There were a few students who never quite grasped the concept of self assessing, but the majority of students mastered it quickly. 

If a student put a question mark on their paper, I always made sure to ask what prompted them to do so. It gave me insight as to whether it was a whole concept or an individual problem giving them trouble. Sometimes it was lack of confidence, which was something I could easily fix with consistent, positive reassurance. 

I tracked students' self assessment symbols in my data notebook. I had a simple chart with students' names to the left (under the purple paper) and scores to the right. You can see the top of the notebook has the test name and the scores are underneath. Next to scores, there is the self assessment symbol.

These self assessments led to great conversations with students in which I gained insight into their feelings about topics we were covering in class. 

How do you self assess in your classroom??

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