Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dare to Dream!

I am so excited to take on the TPT Seller Challenge!

We were on vacation last week so I missed Week #1- Makeover Madness, but I am determined to complete it soon!! I will post it when I do!

This week's challenge is Dare to Dream! We were challenged to blog about our TPT dreams so here are mine!

1. Be a stay at home mom! This is actually why I opened my TPT store 2 years ago. I was on maternity leave with my sweet baby boy and just could not fathom going back to work. I was able to go back 80% my first year after opening my store, which allowed me to have Fridays off. This was a huge blessing, but our childcare situation was not a good one, so thankfully, the income I received from TPT allowed me to go back to work part-time this past year! My husband keeps our little one the first half of the week and then works nights, the rest of the week, and weekends. While it has been great to keep out little guy out of daycare, it has left us with little to no family time. I know it is a big dream, but being a stay at home mom would give us the family time we love! Of course, when he gets to be school aged- back to work for me! And yes, my husband has that in writing :) 

2. Family field trips! I want to be able to get up and go! I want to take my sweet baby boy and wonderful husband on day and weekend field trips- to the zoo, beach, aquarium, museums, nature centers, mountains, etc! With our lack of time together as a family and lack of funds to do this, we rarely get to go see new things. I'd love to be able to just get a hotel room for a night so we could spend the weekend exploring new places! 

3. Break the cycle! I want to help those people who are doing everything they can to have a better life, get out of poverty, but just can't do it. Do you ever watch Undercover Boss? There are so many people on that show who are doing everything they can to have a better life. They work hard, take care of their family, but just can't catch up. Those people. Those are the people I want to help. I'd love to eventually start a nonprofit organization where you can nominate people for scholarships, grants, etc. It would be one step in making the world a better place!

So, these are my dreams! Maybe one day, I will make enough to support them! :)


  1. Wow! Amazing dreams! I love the nonprofit idea!

    1. Thank you!! Loved reading your dreams, as well! It is amazing how much we all have in common!

  2. Love the nonprofit idea, and the "Break the Cycle" dream!! What a creative, big dream! You can do it! :o) I love the family field trips dream too, I can relate! Traveling is one of my dreams too!
    Munchkins Inc.

    1. Just read your dreams and love them, too! Maybe one day, we can all travel together! :)