Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeover Madness

I'm a little late to the Makeover Madness party, but better late than never right??

I was on vacation the week the TPT Seller's Challenge started so didn't get to get this challenge done in time. However, it was a great challenge and something that I have been wanting to work on so here it is!

I know, I really doesn't look that different!! But, I promise it is!! First, take a look at my logo and the handouts. 

Now, look at my logo, handouts, and the new picture I put in it!!

I've been wanting a new logo for awhile. Something simple and circle shaped was what I envisioned, so this challenge made me actually sit down and re-do it! 

My new logo!!

Another thing I've been wanting to do is add pictures to my products. The products I make are products I have used in my classroom and/or products I've used as a Reading Specialist and Remediation teacher. I used to take so many pictures and save everything. Now, I hardly take any pictures, nor do I save much so it has made it very hard to put real pictures with my products. I haven't gotten far, but I did re-do all of my Reading Comprehension Skills Choice Board covers so they all have a picture now! I'm super excited about it and am so glad I was able to finally participate in the first week of the TPT Seller Challenge!