Thursday, July 2, 2015

Currently July

I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my first "Currently"!

How is it July already?? 

Listening: I'm currently listening to silence and, every now and then, a sweet little baby grunt :)  My sweet baby boy is taking a nap and I'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet time! 

Loving: I'm loving summer vacation! It is so nice not to have a schedule! This morning we decided it was a good day for the duck pond! 

Thinking: I really should be working on my Make Your Masterpiece (Oops- I said Makeover Madness in my picture!) because it still looks like this:
I'm a big procrastinator and work better under pressure so I still have a few more days before I need to kick it into high gear!

Needing and Wanting: Let's combine these two since they are the same thing! I need sleep!!! 
The adventures of a 2 year old! Our baby has never slept well... he puts himself to sleep but loves waking up multiple times a night! And you know what is really fun?? We are temporarily living in a 3rd floor apartment!! So someone has learned that when he cries at the top of his lungs at night, we are going to come get him.

All Star: I'm an All Star Helper!! Since leaving the classroom and becoming a part-time remediation teacher, it has left me with time to help other teachers. The classroom days aren't far from my mind, so now I do whatever I can to help lessen the load of my colleagues- creating lessons and handouts, teaching whole group lessons when I have extra time in the day, taking classes out to recess, filing and grading papers, getting communication folders together, etc. 

So that is my Currently July! Can't wait to join in again in August!! Check out more teacher's Currently July here!


  1. I love nap time. It's mommy quiet time. I might of told my 4 year old that when you turn 5 you can stop taking naps, it only works sometimes. I just wrote on my currently that I'm a big procrastinator too & work better under pressure. I love the lazy days of summer, no schedule, see what happens. Welcome to your first currently.
    Polka Dot Palace

    1. Thank you!! Too funny about telling your 4 year old she can stop taking naps when she's 5! Glad to hear you are enjoying summer, too!!

  2. good luck with your tpt seller challenger, i'm finding it so much more motivating, i'm loving it! can't wait to see your new masterpiece! :)

    Teaching Autism

    1. Thank you!! Yes, that challenge has been great! It made me finally get around to things I've been putting off!