Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sensory Bucket!

I love sensory buckets! Having a little one, we use them quite often! We have filled them with all sorts of things, but last week, we did birdseed! 

I filled it with things we could hide and all kinds of different tools to scoop the birdseed out. 

How does this relate to your classroom, you ask??
Well, my little one and I hid things in it and it got me thinking of all the things I could hide in it and have my students find. You could do:
~addition/subtraction problems/word problems
~sight words
~ and so much more!
Perfect fun for recess or an outside lesson!
Then, you could watch the birds eat the birdseed later and turn it into a science lesson! :) 

What would you do with this sensory bucket in your classroom??

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