Thursday, November 5, 2015


Wait...when did November sneak up on us?! 

One of my favorite books to read at Thanksgiving is A Plump and Perky Turkey!

In the story, the townspeople hold an arts and crafts fair where they sculpt different kinds of turkeys. They do this in order to trick a turkey, but the turkey hides within all their sculpted turkeys and escapes! Anyway, we decided to create our own turkeys out of different scrap materials I had and it was so much fun!

Turkey made of cotton... 

....magazine paper....


....tissue paper...

....and shapes!

Our finished turkeys! 
(You could also turn this into a writing activity where students write about their turkeys adventure!)

I did this cute craft yesterday with a preschool/kindergarten group I work with! Some students are working on writing their names, while others are ready for sentences so these are differentiated turkeys! :) 

(Side note: I do not let my students write their name in all capital letters! I allowed this child to independently write her name first to build confidence. After she was finished, we practiced writing her name correctly with one capital and the rest lower case.)
Aren't they cute?!

So, you guys know I love a choice board! I like to use my Thanksgiving Activities and Choice Board as an incentive during the holiday time. I number the choice board 1-9 and each day we pick an activity for them to earn. Depending on my class, I start either 9 days before Thanksgiving or a few weeks before (if I think it will take them longer to earn each activity)!

You could also leave this choice board in centers as an incentive for your students who finish early!

Of course, you can always use the activities separately without even using the choice board if you want! There are handouts included in the product for each activity that does not require plain paper. 

I hope you and your students have a great November!!!

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