Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween/October Fun!

It is hard to believe it is already October! Time for pumpkins and fall fun!

One of my favorite books to read this time of year is Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano. 

After we read the book, we make our own Spookleys! It makes for a great bulletin board! It is hard to see, but we use pipe cleaners for the stems!

We also brainstorm safety rules for Halloween and trick-or-treating. Students break into groups to make posters and we hang them around the school!

We also invite parents out for a "Pumpkin Math and Science Day" where we do several math and science related activities with pumpkins!
(Sorry for the hard to see pictures! You can see some of the slides here.)

Last, but not least, you know I love a choice board! My Halloween Activities and Choice Board is the perfect incentive during holiday time! You can leave it out as an incentive for students who finish their work early.
You can make it a whole class incentive where students earn an activity a day for nine days! Number the choice board 1-9 and have students vote on the activity they are trying to earn that day!

Of course, you can always use the activities separately without the choice board if you want! There are handouts included in the product for each activity that does not require plain paper. 

I hope you and your students have a great October!!!

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