Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Study: Week 7 (Helping Struggling Readers)

It's week 7 (and the last week) of the #GuidedReadingGals' book study on The Next Steps in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson!

This week Amber from Barefoot in Grade School is hosting Chapter 7: Helping Struggling Readers. Go check out her page for a more in depth post about Chapter 7!

Chapter 7 is all about helping the struggling reader. I had a big ah-ha moment reading this chapter! At the beginning of the chapter, Jan Richardson gives you three steps to take when determining how to help a struggling reader: 
Step 1: Analyze your teaching
Step 2: Analyze student assessments
Step 3: Ask a colleague to observe the student
Step 4: Develop an acceleration plan

Ok, so I definitely analyze my teaching- I make sure my guided reading groups are consistently meeting, that I'm following my lesson plans, etc. I also analyze student assessments. I look at the student's running records, state mandated test data, anecdotal notes, etc. 


I can't say that I've asked any colleagues to come in and observe any of my struggling readers. Jan Richardson says that with having an extra set of eyes and ears, you might learn things you didn't notice before...and she is so right! 

**Don't forget to check out Amber's post about helping struggling readers!

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